HumanHuman is a Podcast. It is quite literally conversations in the flesh, about the flesh and with those who work in the undulating overlapping fields of being a moving, thinking human. 

HumanHuman is a series of instalments we describe as 'Sonic Art Doco Vignettes'. They are composed of spoken word, field recordings and soundscapes derived from our moving practice & the moving world.

All interviews, sound collection & sonic/musical compositions in the following intallments are produced and edited by Camilla & Ineke - The WonderLab Project. All rights reserved © 2017

HumanHuman E01 : From The Tips Of My Fingers

LIPS in studio - Photography by Bing Smith

LIPS in studio - Photography by Bing Smith

This is an introduction of what's to come, in HumanHuman - a podcast by The WonderLab Project. It is a series of conversations in the flesh, with people of all ages. Spoken word and original soundscapes compile this opening provocation on being a moving, thinking human. 
Our thanks to: Stella MalingSmith, Kim Sargent-Wishart, Bing Smith, Alastair Watts, Cathy Madden, Anouar Cunningham and Bella & Elvy Swan.

Duration: 5'35"