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An enduring artistic duo mapping the moving thinking human 

The WonderLab Project is the collaboration of Melbourne based multi-disciplinary movement educators and performers, Ineke de Graaf and Camilla Maling

The WonderLab Project (TWLP) wonders at the marvel that we are, the curiousness of how we behave and move, and the dance of this relationship. TWLP considers moving as fundamental to living - crucial to understanding our environment, our community and ourselves. This shared passion drew Ineke & Camilla together and they have since produced various community-based works, events and access points to engage people in this conversation.

Beginning in 2013 TWLP was located at The Yoga Lab where it curated: an extensive workshop programme, a guest artist dance series - Dance Spot, an installation & movement festival - Permutation, monthly dance and sound improvisation sessions - Holler & Jump and not to be forgotten, regular community dance event - Dance Your Ass Off. 

Since the closure of The Yoga Lab, TWLP has distilled it's practice into two mediums: a site-specific improvised performance duo - LIPS (Live in Public Spaces) and a sonic art podcast - HumanHuman.